Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Enhancing The Look Of Your Fence

Hugh Bryant

Fences are a great way to mark your territory and add an additional layer of security to your home. Unfortunately, one thing fences typically aren't, are stylish. Fences are more practical than they are aesthetically appealing. However, you can change that. There are a number of things you can do to enhance the look of a fence, enhancing your home's curb appeal and increasing the value of your property.

Mix Materials

A great way to add style to your fence is to mix up your fencing materials. There is no rule that you can only have a fence designed in one material. One example would be to install a fence with brick posts with iron panels in between the posts.

Another option would be to use a natural stone material as a post with wood panels in between. The possibilities are endless. This type of installation is especially complimentary if you try to pair one of the materials in your fence with one of the exterior surfaces of your home, such as your front door.


If you don't want to make any structural changes to your fence, one thing you can do is add some landscaping around the area. This is a great way to not only add some style to your fence, but this can also help cover any flaws or blemishes that have developed over the years.

One option is to plant a flower bed right at the base of the fence. If you're looking for something more dramatic, consider planting vine along your fence. If privacy is a major concern of yours, planting vines along your fence can help obstruct the view inside your property.

New Installation

There comes a time when a fence simply can't be enhanced. Whether it's worn from everyday use or showing signs of extreme wear. At this point, the only thing you can really do to make the fence look better is to replace it altogether. If your fence is showing signs of weather wear, has holes in it or is lacking in structural integrity, it's time to replace your fence.

If you're not sure exactly how to add some appeal to your existing fence or you're looking to install a new fence, a fence installation contractor can assist you. From choosing the most complimentary materials for your home to choosing the best style for the climate in your area, a fencing contractor can offer you invaluable assistance. Talk to some people like Reyes Fence for more information.


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