Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Utilizing Your Fence To Build A Play-Zone For Your Kids

Hugh Bryant

Do you have a fenced in yard that has become your kids' play-zone? If so, have you run out of space for activities for the kids to enjoy while playing out in the fresh air? Maybe it is time for you to utilize the fencing to give your kids a few more things to do to keep them busy, entertained and even express their creativity a bit. Here, you will get a few ideas of things you can do to your fencing to provide your kids with even more outdoor activities for the warm weather months.

Oversize Outdoor Chalkboard

If your kids love drawing, they need a huge chalkboard to use outside. Making an oversize chalkboard to hang on your fence is very easy. Simply paint a large sheet of plywood with chalkboard paint and let it dry. Drill a few holes in the top and bottom edges of the board to use to hang the chalkboard on the fence. Insert some screws and give your kids a bucket of chalk.

Kids' Garden Center

Hanging a few shelves and hooks on your fence can give your kids a place to keep their little gardening tools. Use a couple of plastic bowls with lips along the top and a board for a countertop and build a small watering station for the kids. These makeshift sinks can give the kids a place to wash the mud off of their hands and play with water toys.

Container Gardens

There are many wonderful ideas for container gardens for kids, but not often do you see those container gardens on the fencing around the yard. You can use just about anything to create a kid's container garden for your fence. Painted cans, old rain boots, plastic bowls, or even PVC piping can be used to hang on the fence and grow beautiful little plants in.

Hanging Hoops

You don't have to have a basketball hoop to shoot hoops. You can simply hang a basket or bucket on the fence. Consider hanging multiple baskets or buckets on the fence and paint a score on each one. Have the kids toss their balls into the hoops and try to keep track of their scores. This will help to develop hand-eye coordination and math skills.

There is no reason to leave the fence bare. Consider these projects as well as any others that you can come up with to create the perfect play-zone for your kids to enjoy.


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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

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