Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Four Things You Can Add To Commercial Chain Link Fencing For Security And Privacy

Hugh Bryant

If you have a commercial business, you may want to make it more secure with things like surveillance, alarms, and locks. You can also add things like commercial chain link fencing, which can help keep your business more secure. Plain chain link fencing can also have features added to it, such as lattice inserts and electric cables. If you want to have more security and privacy for your business, here are four things that you may want to consider adding to your fence:

1. Solar-Powered Flood Lighting On Fence Posts

Adding light to your property is a simple way that you can add security. It can also increase your electrical costs if the lights are constantly running. New LED floor lights that have solar panels to power them are an investment that will provide you with security and more light for your business without increasing your electrical bill. A fence contractor can install these lights on fence posts to give your property light and security.

2. Lattice And Wind Screens For More Privacy

Lattice is a great way to add privacy to any fence. Commercial fences can have lattice installed in the chain links to provide privacy and security. With lattice inserted in the fence, you will also be deterring people from climbing the fence. Privacy is also good because if you have anything valuable on your property, it will not be in plain sight.

3. Picket Façade At Entrance Gates  

You may not want to have a chain link fence visible from the front of your business. Adding a picket façade to gates will give your fence more privacy and make the front of your business more attractive. Fence contractors can install many different façades to the gate and front areas of fence to improve the fence you have installed for your business. If you want to have more privacy and security, consider using a solid picket design that has limited visibility in between the spaces of the pickets.

4. Electrified Cabling For More Security 

Today, more businesses are using electric fences to add security. These fences can be something simple like electrified cables, which are not lethal but will deter criminals. There are even some types of chain link fences that can have the entire fence electrified. Contractors can install these fences on businesses with a lot of valuable inventory that required high security. Electric fencing can be a great way to add security to your business, and is something you may want to consider if you have had problems with theft in the past.

These are some of the things that you can add commercial fencing for more privacy and security. If you need help with the installation of new commercial chain link fencing or any of these features, contact a professional fence contractor to get the help you need for the fencing for your business.


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