Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Putting In A Fence

Hugh Bryant

Many homeowners choose to install a fence around their yard. In fact, if done right, you can actually improve the resale value of your home by putting in a fence. This is why it is important that before you choose a fence for your property that you think of a couple different things that will determine the fence you need. Here are a couple things to consider before installing a fence.

What Is Your Main Reason For Wanting The Fence?

A fence acts as so many different things. It can be a way to contain children or pets, it can help to maintain privacy in the yard, or it can protect people from things in your yard, like a pool or fire pit. This is why it is important that before you actually go shopping for a fence that you have an idea of why you are putting it up.

In most cases people like a fence that is a little more open-- like a wrought iron fence. The only exception to this is if you want more privacy. A vinyl fence will help to enclose the entire yard so that you have more privacy.

What Kind Of Maintenance Can You Handle?

There are many different types of fences and each one is going to have a different amount of maintenance. For example, if you choose to get a wood fence, which is very affordable initially, you will have to stain it often. Wood fences are very susceptible to the elements so that rain, snow and even sun can damage it. If you don't stain the fence often, you might have serious problems later, such as breaking, swelling, or degrading.

Another common type of fencing is vinyl. Vinyl is one of the best options if you want privacy, and it is very durable. Vinyl does not need to be stained like wood; however, you will have to wash it once in a while. Usually a power washer works best, but you can even try a rag and bucket of water.

Lastly, wrought iron fences have become very popular in the last couple decades. They are incredibly durable, although they are some of the most expensive options. They need very little maintenance, and look very nice. This is why many people choose wrought iron fences for their yards.

These are just a couple things that you should consider before you put in your fence. Talk to a local fence company for more information about your fencing needs. 


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