Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Choosing The Best Electric Fence

Hugh Bryant

Looking for an electric fence? Check out this list of important choices that you may have to make, to get the right kind of fencing for any property.

Temporary or Permanent Fencing

One of the first choices you have to make about fencing is whether to install something quick and easy that will only be there a short time, or something else that's more of a permanent installation. All temporary electric fencing may use easy step-in rods, cheaper wire and more disposable materials, permanent installations are often added to stabilize fence posts that are going to be in place for the long haul.

Poly, Steel or Aluminum Wire

The traditional material for electric fencing was either steel or galvanized wire. This serves pretty well to conduct current, but it has its own specific challenges. It's not very visible, and it's not extremely weather resistant. Poly wire and poly tape are other options for electric fences. This type of wire material is made in different colors and shows up better in a field or meadow. It's useful for minimizing human contact and generally being more visible where it's installed.

Regular or High Tensile Strength Wire

In some cases, you want high tensile strength wire for permanent electric fence locations. In situations where farmers or others have responsibility to manage a herd of animals long-term, traditional wire may not be enough to make it easy to keep the fence in serviceable condition. Using high tensile strength wire can add longevity to the fence and make it easier to keep it "hot" or electrified when animals routinely try to knock down fence posts or otherwise damage a fence.

Solar or Grid Wiring

Just like with an array of power tools, you can now get electric fencing that's either connected to a regular grid energy source, a solar charger, or a battery. Think about whether connecting to the electrical grid is practical where the fence was installed, or whether you can get by with a solar electric charger.

Thinking About Liability

Fencing contractors recommend creating robust, strong fences that will help keep large animals in a certain pasture or area. This cuts down your liability and may even help with insurance. It limits those tricky situations where animals may cause hazards for others on the road or elsewhere.

Think about all of these decisions when making the choice to install an electric fence on a property. Contact a local company, like Kiwi Fencing Company, Inc, for more information.


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