Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

7 Ways to Spruce Up the Appearance of Your Fence

Hugh Bryant

Whether it is a privacy fence or a garden fence, there are plenty of ways you can decorate it so that it stands out. Here are a few ideas to help you spark some of your own creative ideas.

1. Shadow Boxes

You may have shadow boxes on your walls on the inside of your home. These are also excellent ideas to use outside. You can use leftover wood from when the fence itself was built, or you can purchase new wood to use. Once built and installed onto the fence, they can be used to house plants (small to large, depending on the size of shadow box that you build) or decorative yard and garden pieces.

2. Window Frame with Shutters

If you want your garden to feel like it has a window to another world, then you may want to consider getting your hands on an old window frame. Consider adding a couple of window shutters on each side to add more sophistication to the décor. This creates a perfect focal point in your backyard garden, and it can even be used to hold small plants if it still has a window sill.

3. Galvanized Buckets

You could also consider mounting some galvanized buckets on the fence. This particularly works well with an already rustic vibe. It is perfecting for housing potted plants in a unique way.

4. Artwork

In the lounge area of your backyard retreat, you likely already have a sitting area, a small table and some throw pillows. Yet there's still something missing. Consider adding some artwork onto the fence walls. You obviously won't want to put a Picasso out there, but some cheap pieces of artwork can really spruce things up and make it feel more like home.

5. Rain Boots

Your kids outgrow their rain boots rather quickly. Instead of donating them or throwing them away even, consider using them in the garden. You can hang rain boots on the fence for a personal touch and use them for small plants. You could designate a certain area of the backyard for the children and use the rain boots there to give a more child-like feel. Don't hesitate to let your kids help you plant the flowers.

6. Chalkboard

Another idea for the kid's area is to put up a chalkboard for the kids to draw on when they're outside. It also makes for a great source of entertainment when you have adult guests over. It can be used to play a variety of drawing games.

7. Mural

If you are handy with a paintbrush or know someone who is, you may want to think about painting a mural on the fence. This can be of anything that you want; anything that makes you feel good. It could be a mural of a pasture with flowers and a big, beautiful tree or it could be a big group of your favorite flower. If you paint a mural on and around a gate, you could paint it so that it looks as if the gate is leading you onto a path. The possibilities are endless.

If you don't currently have a fence installed and are interested in pursuing one of the aforementioned ideas, then you need to get in touch with a local fencing supplier like Harrington & Company to make your fence pretty.


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