Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Three Cedar Fence Designs For Homeowners Who Value Privacy

Hugh Bryant

Cedar is a popular fencing material because it naturally resists rot, repels insects like termites, lasts for ages, and has an attractive, natural look. You can talk with a contractor, like Homestead Fence, to see what options would suit your home. Here are some privacy fence designs you may want to consider:

Stockade-Style Fences

This style consists of flat boards placed next to one another, each in a vertical orientation. A single layer of narrower planks is laid across the top of the fence to hold them all together. You can vary the design somewhat by choosing either thinner or thicker boards.

An advantage of this style fence is that is it simple and easy to construct. It is also easy to replace a board if it becomes worn or broken. You just have to pry it away from the horizontal top board, and nail a new one in. One small disadvantage of this style is that some consider it to look rather plain compared to other styles. However, if you're going for a simple, minimalist look, it might be the perfect choice for you. 

Board and Batten Fences

This style fence also consists of vertical cedar planks. However, wider posts are put into place every so often, and horizontal boards are nailed between these posts at several levels on both sides of the fence. This gives the fence slightly more character.

Board and batten fences tend to be slightly more stable than stockade fences. However, they are harder to repair since you have to remove a vertical board from between two sandwiching horizontal boards to replace it.

Horizontal Plank Fences

This style fence consists of numerous cedar boards stacked on top of one another. Vertical posts are added every so many feet for stability and aesthetics. Sometimes, the boards are offset instead of being stacked directly on top of one another. This creates more visual interest as the boards stop and end at different points.

This fence style gives your yard a unique look since it's not as popular as vertical fence styles. However, horizontal plank fences are a bit more time-consuming to build than the other styles on this list since the heavy boards must be lifted and secured to the top of the fence.

If you're looking for a fence that offers privacy and adds beauty to your yard, a cedar plank fence is a great choice. Talk to your fencing contractor to learn more about these and your other design options. 


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