Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Contemporary Designs For Your Modern-Style Fence

Hugh Bryant

Most people find a white picket fence charming. However, if you have a modern-style home, such a traditional fence might not match. Instead, you'll want a more contemporary design. Whether installing a fence for privacy or to designate your property line, choose a modern style that complements your home.

Modern Update on a Privacy Fence

Privacy can be an issue if you live on a street corner or simply want to keep your outdoor activities to yourself. A traditional privacy fence usually features vertical slats of stained wood. The Landscaping Network describes a modern update on the style. Contractors align the slats horizontally and with narrow openings between. Added drama comes in staining the wood a dark, opaque color instead of the classic natural wood. The overall look channels a modern art effect.

Cable Rail Fence

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you'd like your fence to disappear into the background. In that case, consider a cable rail fence. Contractors string cable between posts. You could opt for traditional stained wood, or keep the look industrial with metal rails. The cables provide a measure of security, say for keeping pets and children in the yard, while allowing the view to take center stage.

Rusted Metal Fence

Believe it or not, nothing looks more modern than a rusted metal fence, as long as it's done in an industrial style. The rusted look has to be deliberate. In this case, consider either a privacy fence or a low fence made of steel. Have contractors construct the fence with the bolts clearly visible. As the elements take their toll on the metal, your fence will take on a rusted patina.

Adobe and Metal

You can have a fence constructed of traditional materials in a contemporary form. Modern design is characterized by clean lines and clear geometry. For example, start with an adobe fence. The posts and half walls already showcase clear shapes. Fill the tops of the half walls with metal rails. You could choose either straight rails or panels featuring geometric shapes. A black and white palette is very mod – consider white adobe topped with black metal.

Modern Wrought Iron

In that same vein, wrought iron is also a classic fence material. However, wrought iron is easy to make modern by choosing a contemporary design. Don't think of the traditional arcs and curlicues. Instead imagine the iron shaped into interlocking squares and rectangles. Even an iron fence consisting of straight posts complements a modern house façade with its clean lines.


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