Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Why Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fencing Is Ideal For Playgrounds

Hugh Bryant

Chain link fencing can be found surrounding many playgrounds and other areas that are designed for use by children. If you're planning the design and set-up of a playground, such as if you're building one on your school's property or in your neighborhood, you'll probably want to install a fence around the premises to help keep kids safe. Instead of just choosing traditional chain link fencing, though, you may want to explore the idea of installing vinyl-coated chain link fencing.

It's More Welcoming and Attractive

When parents are driving up to the playground or when kids are running up to play, you'll want for everyone to feel welcomed. Unfortunately, standard chain link fencing can often look a bit industrial, drab and boring with its gray and dull silver tones. Vinyl-coated chain link fencing that is coated in black vinyl is a popular choice for residential and commercial use because it is often seen as more attractive than standard chain link fencing, and it would work well when installed around playgrounds as well. You can also choose a colored vinyl-coated chain link fencing in a bright, primary color to make your playground even more welcoming for kids and their parents.

It's Gentler on Small Fingers and Hands

Even though most of the kids who visit the playground are going to be more interested in running around or playing on the equipment than hanging out near the fence, many kids will still probably come in contact with the fence each day. As you might have experienced yourself at one point or another, regular chain link fencing can be painful to your fingers and hands if you handle it the wrong way. Since vinyl-coated chain link fencing is covered with vinyl, it can be gentler on the fingers and hands. This can help prevent kids from hurting themselves when entering the playground or playing near the fence.

It's Better Protected

Running a playground is a lot of work. The first priority is obviously about keeping an eye on the kids, but there is also a lot of work to be done to keep the grounds neat and tidy and to keep the equipment maintained. Performing maintenance on a rusty fence is probably not at the top of the list of things that you want to do when managing the playground, so choosing a vinyl-coating chain link fencing option that holds up well against rust and is generally more durable may be the right decision.

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