Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

About Chain-Link Fence Care

Hugh Bryant

When you have a chain-link fence installed, you may be looking forward to not having to do any maintenance on it. However, while there is very little maintenance necessary for this type of fence, there are still some things you are going to want to do to it. Here are some tips to follow to prolong the life of your chain-link fencing:

Look for rust

Your chain-link fence may have been coated with a clear coat to protect it from weather damage and rust. However, should something scratch the coating, or should it be thin or nonexistent in certain areas, then you may find rust on the fence. You are going to want to fix this as quickly as possible, so the rust doesn't spread and cause damage to your fence.

To get rid of that rust so it doesn't return, you are going to want to take it off all the way down to the metal with some steel wool. Wipe it clean with a clean rag and make sure you got every bit of the rust. Then, you need to put a good dose of clear sealant all over that area. Check the rest of the fence for signs of rust to make sure you got it all.

Paint the fence

Don't be afraid to paint the fence if you desire. While most people leave their fence in its original color, some do opt to paint their fences. Cover the grass, gravel, or other ground to avoid getting paint on it and use a spray painter. If you do decide to paint it, you do not want to forget a very important step, which is is to reapply a clear sealant after the paint is dry. The paint will not be enough to protect your fence from rust.

Inspect the fence

Don't assume nothing will ever go wrong with your fence. Walk around and check the linkage along the fence, the connectors, the hinges, the gates, the posts, and so on. If you see anything broken, sagging, or otherwise damaged, then have it repaired.

Make sure the fence is treated correctly

Many people are fine with their kids simply hopping over the fence, or swinging back and forth on its gate. However, this is very bad and is one of the major issues homeowners deal with once the fence starts to droop in certain areas or when they find their gate no longer closes the way it should. If damage has been caused, have it fixed and then make sure everyone knows to treat the fence with more respect in the future to avoid additional issues.


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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

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