Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Installing Security Fencing Does Not Mean Making Your Home Look Like A Prison

Hugh Bryant

Security fencing often conjures images of tall wire fences with barbed wire running along the top. While, that may be the design in some cases, you can install a security fence around your home that looks much nicer and is still extremely effective.

Fence Materials

When installing a security fence to keep people off your property, it is essential that the fence is made from a robust material that is hard to penetrate. Steel is often the first choice because it is not easy to breach, but aluminum and iron are also common for some security fence designs. 

While chain link or metal mesh fabric stretched over steel posts is a common option for commercial fences, if you are looking for something more stylish, a fence made from box steel sections that run vertically and mimic the style of a wooden fence can be an excellent option that offers similar strength to a chain-link fence.

The fence can have a turnout at the top to make it challenging to get over, and the smooth metal running vertically is nearly impossible to climb. The taller the fence is, the more difficult it will be to get over as well. 

Aluminum also works well in this configuration and saves some weight as well as being corrosion resistant, which can reduce the need for regular maintenance on the fence.

Electric Fences

If you are concerned that the security fence is not enough of a deterrent on its own, your fence contractor can add some additional features to the fence for you. Electric security fences are an effective way to keep someone off the fence, but they come with a lot of maintenance to ensure the fence stays powered. The fence needs to be marked very clearly for residential areas so that people know the fence is electrified, and they should not touch the fence, or they will get shocked.

An electric security fence can add a security layer to your home that you may need, but the fence must be installed correctly. The fence needs to deter people from trying to climb it, but a delicate balance needs to be maintained with the amount of electricity the fence puts out. Enough power should be used to keep people from climbing the fence, but not so much that it causes permanent injury to someone that touches the fence.

Electrifying the top section of the fence is a good option, and it means kids touching the fence on the outside are not going to get hurt, but a would-be intruder will get a surprise if they try to scale the fence to get into the yard. 


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