Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

3 Signs That You Need Fencing Services To Replace Your Wooden Fence

Hugh Bryant

A fence is an incredible feature for anyone who wants to boost their safety and property's curb appeal. But although fences are designed to withstand harsh weather elements and last for many years, they get damaged or worn out with time. A wooden fence is among the most popular fencing options among many homeowners today, and it can last for decades when properly maintained. 

However, wooden fences, just like other fence types, develop problems that make them less reliable and a safety risk for your family. Although timely repairs could help extend the fence's lifespan, you may have to replace your wooden fence for the following reasons. Here are three reasons why you'll need fencing services to replace the wooden fence.

1. The Fence is Heavily Pest-Infested

Most wood fences are treated to ensure they withstand pest infestation and weathering. However, as the fence gets older, it's unable to ward off the elements that make it less useful. For instance, when pests like termites invade the wood fence, they feed on or eat away the wood material, weakening the fence. If you identify the pests in good time, you may only need to invest in minor repairs. But if termites and other pests have caused extensive wood damage, you may have to contact professionals in fencing services to replace it.

2. Extensive Physical Damage

As a responsible homeowner, you should inspect your wooden fence quite often to identify various fence problems early. But because most homeowners don't do it, they only contact fence repair experts when the fence is extensively broken or damaged. Usually, personal accidents and gusty winds are some of the major causes of extensive physical damage to your wood fence. 

A fence with numerous missing or broken wood pieces won't meet your safety needs. In fact, it will let animals and unwanted people into your residential property, compromising your privacy, safety, and comfort in a big way. So get a professional in fencing services to assess the physical damage and replace the fence so that your family can feel secure again.

3. Dry-Rot Issues

Although your wooden fence hardly experiences excessive moisture, it doesn't mean it's rot-immune. It may still develop dry rot—a condition where harsh weather, fungi, and other microbes cause the wood to break down. In fact, the wood begins to crack and eventually becomes more brittle. 

In this case, you may opt to repair the wooden fence, but this won't be a lasting solution because the wood and entire lumber would eventually age and weaken at the same rate. That's why you should consider replacing the fence. If you don't replace it, dry rot will even impact it more as time goes by.

Installing that wooden fence was a great idea. However, the fence won't last forever, and you may have to replace it one day. You don't need to wait until the entire fence is damaged or broken to call in a fence professional to replace it. Any of the above signs means that it is time to hire fencing services to replace your wooden fence.

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