Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Wrought Iron Fence Designs That Can Provide Elegant Accents

Hugh Bryant

The installation of a fence for your property doesn't have to be drab and boring. Wrought iron fence designs give you options for features that add value to your property and improve the appearance of your home. You may want to consider options like decorative features and other improvements. There are also options for custom pillars and posts that can enhance the appearance of your fence. The following wrought iron fence designs will add value and elegant accents to your property:

Lower Fences

Installing lower fences may be the first design feature to consider. If you are installing a fence for the front of your property, lower wrought iron fence designs will enhance the appearance. A great feature of wrought iron fencing is that lower designs can be used in the front of properties. This allows you to use a fence that does not obstruct the views of architectural features.

Entrance Pillars

The entrance to your fence can also be enhanced with the right design. One of the options that you may want to consider is using pillars for the entrances of your wrought iron fence. The pillars that are built for entrances can be made of stone, brick, or concrete. They give you a lot of options to personalize the design of entrances to your fence with custom features. They can also provide solid support for gates and the fencing corners. 

Decorative Metalwork

There are also decorative metalwork options that can be added to different areas of a wrought iron fence. There are a lot of decorative metalwork features that can be added to your fence. Some of the options that you may want to consider include adding custom lettering and artistic shapes to the design of your fence. In addition, these materials can be plated with a custom finish that is different than the black of conventional wrought iron materials.

Finials and Decorative Top Rails

Attractive features can be added to the top rails of your wrought iron fence. The most common features for top rails are finials, which are the spike-like decorative components. In addition to the conventional wrought iron finials—transom-like features can also be added. These are decorative top rails that may have ornamental details and arch forms to make the fence more attractive.

The addition of an iron fence can give your home a solution for security that doesn't impact its value or appearance. Contact a wrought iron fencing service to discuss the installation of a new, elegant fence for your property.


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